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In our inclusive dance training programmes, we use space, music, words and non-verbal communication to create an open and inviting atmosphere into which each participant can input whatever they bring on the day: movement, words, or stillness. In this way, we learn about each individual participant’s abilities and strengths which we seek to enhance and magnify. To do this, we use an iterative approach: we take note of what each participant does, anticipate what they can do next, create an incremental step to get there, monitor how they take that step, refine the step as many times as it takes while thinking about the next.

We do this in each moment of class and from one class to the next. To do this, individual session-by-session reports are written on each participant and their performance marked against pre-set criteria decided either with them, where appropriate their guardians or the person referring them.  Reports are shared with participants/guardians/referrers at the end of each term. Longer session-by-session reports can be shared with referrers by arrangement.

Participants will have a good workout and an opportunity to have positive social interaction with each other through movement and drama. We work on social motor skills and emotional awareness, on observing and considering how our actions affect each other physically and emotionally. We also work on communication skills, both verbal and none verbal, story-telling, musicality and physical dance technique (mobility/strength/flexibility/balance/coordination). Classes can be taken standing up or sitting down on wheelchairs or chairs. The classes are a lot of fun and participants continuously give very positive feedback.

In addition to our training programmes we offer touring performances accompanied by workshops to introduce new participants to our work.