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Classes are for anyone wanting to have fun using movement and creative dance, with a bit of drama. We start with a warm-up which can be done either standing or sitting on a chair or wheelchair. We then make up a dance together and share it with each other at the end of each class.
You can come in for just one session but we recommend that you book for a term of 10 consecutive sessions as places are limited and we wouldn't want you to come all the way here and not be able to take part. You are welcome to start at any point throughout the year.

Current participants have lived experience of mental ill health arising from a variety of causes: ME, stroke, accidents, emotional and psychological distress and physical disability.

Carers and support workers are welcome. We ask them to participate. Please read the carer’s brochure before arriving.

Venue: Darwin Court, 1 Crail Row, Walworth, London SE17 1AD
(vehicle access from Westmoreland Road)
Time: Tuesdays 11am – 12.30pm
Cost: £5 per session
Term dates: ongoing from 16 January 2018
Registration and information booklet

This class is jointly funded by the Wakefield and Tetly Trust and London Catalyst and is offered in partnership with the Southwark Disablement Association.