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1±1 is a performance and workshop leading to a unit of work for Keystage 2, supporting PE/Dance as well as speaking and listening, citizenship, PSHE and SEAL objectives.

1±1 is inspired by the epic of Gilgamesh, an ancient Babylonian story of a king who becomes tyrannical with unchallenged power, and his friendship and rivalry with a creature raised in the wild. Through a sequence of events planned by the king's mother, the two meet and engage in a fight. The end of the story has been lost, the tablets discovered in archaeological sites having been damaged by the passage of time. What is known is that abruptly the King stops and pulls away, exhausted. At this point, his wild opponent accepts his supremacy and they become friends, friends and rivals. This is our starting point: two men; camaraderie vs. rivalry. What motivates each of them in making their respective decisions: one to pull away from the fight, the other to accept his rival's authority?

Pupils will acquire new technical dance skills in contact work and in compositional/decision-making aspects of creativity. They will explore different modes of collaborative work and decision making structures ranging from leading and following, to more collective and collaboration-based decision making and the spectrum of cases in between.

This educational package is supported by the National Lottery through Arts Council England.

For further details, please download the 1±1 brochure.